Thursday 12 April 2018

Real Estate Rule Changes: Update and Survey Link

The Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate (BC) has released a new feedback survey asking for response to some updates they have made to the rule changes which come into effect June 15, 2018. We believe all members of the public, especially those currently involved in selling or buying real estate, should have the opportunity to respond.

Click here to be taken to the consultation page and continue to the survey:

The survey does not deal directly with the elimination of Limited Dual Agency, as it appears the Provincial Government has made that decision for you. The survey does address the issue of Dual Recusal mentioned in earlier letters. At the end you are afforded an opportunity to provide additional comments, which we encourage you to use.

The BC Oceanfront Team continues to appeal to government and the governing bodies to reassess the decision to eliminate Limited Dual Agency, and if nothing else to provide better exemptions for remote, recreational real estate and small communities. We believe this is in the best interest of all our clients, both sellers and buyers, and we strongly believe that the government does not have the right to take that choice away from you; especially when the alternative may negatively impact your experience and decision-making.

You may also want to contact your local MLA as well as the governing bodies to voice your concerns.
Real Estate Council of BC: 
Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate: 
BC Real Estate Association: 
North Island MLA Claire Trevena:
Finance Minister Carole James:  

As always, Ed and Shelley welcome calls or emails with questions or to discuss the new rules further.

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