Thursday 30 August 2018

BCO Website Slideshow

Between us all in the office, we take thousands of photos a year. Not only property-specific photos, but area photos and landscape photos. We don't let these photos languish - not only do we feature them on our social media channels but we also use them for print material and for the website. If you have visited our office you may have even seen our slideshows of photos running on the big TV!

Our calendar is always a custom print made up of photos taken by the BCO Team (with a few rare exceptions). If you have received a card or magnet from our office, those were all photos taken by team members.

The place we really love to feature the photos is on the BC Oceanfront website slideshow. The home page slideshow is changed up 3-4 times a year and is a showcase of the variety of locations BCO represents as well as the natural beauty of the regions.

Vancouver Island and the surrounding islands and waterways are a natural paradise unlike any other, and we hope to convey that with the photos we share.

The BCO website slideshow was updated today - check it out!

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Thursday 23 August 2018

Cathedral Grove, Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island has so much forest, we sometimes forget to look more closely at the amazing trees in these forests. Sight-seeing gets taken up by the amazing water features of the island, while we drive past acres and acres of forest.

Cathedral Grove, or as it's more formally known MacMillan Provincial Park, is found on Highway 4 on the way to Port Alberni. This small provincial park celebrates Vancouver Island forests, both their eco-systems and their history. In a very small space that is bisected by a busy road, one is quickly overwhelmed by the majesty of the trees.

largest tree in the park

rain forest moss

tall, tall trees

If the forest seems vaguely familiar, it is because scenes from Star Wars Return of the Jedi were filmed here. 

Cathedral Grove is worth a stop, even if you live on the island and think you know trees. It's worth the reminder that these forests of ours are something special.

It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Live It!

Thursday 9 August 2018

Marine Parks to Explore

The coast of BC has over 40 designated marine parks. These are parks that include both water and land areas but are generally accessible by float plane or boat only (with some exceptions). Many of them allow wilderness camping but only a few offer even basic services (an outhouse, water, campsites).
Rebecca Spit Marine Park, accessible by road as well as boat on Quadra Island.
These marine parks run along the entire coast of BC and among the numerous islands that dot the coast. They are an attraction for boaters, kayakers, hikers and many others. The largest marine park on the coast is the Broughton Archipelago Marine Park, off the NE coast of Vancouver Island, which consists of dozens of small islands and the waters around them. This park is very popular with kayakers and people whale watching.

Marine parks often provide a welcome refuge for people traveling along the coast, and are common meet-up spots for boaters.  Desolation Sound Marine Park, along the central mainland coast, is very popular with boaters due to its protected waters, easy access to the Discovery Islands and its beautiful beaches.
private properties within Desolation Sound Marine Park

Some of the remote and recreational properties we have listed through the BC Oceanfront office either border or are very near to marine parks. A select few are even lucky enough to be private property within a marine park - very rare.
flying over Surge Narrows Marine Park

It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Live It!

Thursday 2 August 2018

Interactive Feature Packages

With a full team of four at the BCO office there is always someone looking at what is new and innovate. Our latest addition is the new interactive information packages, created in office by Jennifer.

BC Oceanfront has always prided itself on the information packages it assembles. These are a definite team effort, from Ed and/or Shelley talking with the clients, visiting the property and taking photos, to Kate working with them to hone the text, to Jennifer pulling together additional information such as zoning and mapping and then creating the packages. These interactive flipbooks take those packages to a new level online.

You can check out one of these flipbooks on our new listing at DL1538 Sonora. You can easily flip through the pages and there are video clips from the property as well as clickable pages which take you to more information.

Our pdf packages are still available for emailing and printing, but as more and more people are viewing properties on a mobile or tablet device these new interactive packages are easier to view and allow for more information to be accessed. You can also share the flipbooks with others!

You can see a listing's flipbook by clicking on the Interactive Information Package button on the listing page at our website.

It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Live It!