Thursday 26 April 2018

Wind Farming on Vancouver Island

Coastal regions do tend to experience a fair share of wind, but creating wind farms is not common on the BC Coast. One of the first is operating on the northern tip of Vancouver Island.

The Cape Scott wind farm, originally known as the Knob Hill wind farm, was built in 2011 and became operational in 2013. It sells power to BC Hydro. To read more about this 864+ acres wind farm, check it out here.

Ed has had a number of opportunities to fly over the turbines while up island taking property photos.

There are other companies looking at sites on northern Vancouver Island, you can see more information at Port Hardy's website here.

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Thursday 19 April 2018

BCO Coastal Gem: Owen Bay

In the heart of the Discovery Islands lies the recreation area known as Owen Bay. It is located on the south side of Sonora Island on Okisolo Channel, just above Hole in the Wall. Busby Island, sitting just off shore of Sonora Island, is often included when people are referring to the Owen Bay area.

Owen Bay has a long homesteader history; at one point it was a thriving coastal community of about 1200 people and home to a school and general store. It has evolved into a quiet, coastal vacation and recreation community with a small complement of full-time residents. There is evidence of this long history scattered throughout the area.

Owen Bay has a government dock and local road/trail access for the property owners.

There are several marine parks to enjoy within close proximity, in particular The Octopus Island Group Marine Park is only minutes away. 

Owen Bay offers a number of excellent features. The bay itself enjoys primarily south and west exposure and is one of the best-protected areas from wind throughout the region. At the head of the bay is a large tidal beach that extends for ¼ mile at low tide. There are two creeks, which enter the bay – one of which originates at Hyacinth Lake. Just outside of Owen Bay are the magnificent upper and lower rapids of Okisollo Channel – an awesome display of nature’s power and beauty.  

Traveling to Owen Bay by boat takes a little less than 1 hour from Campbell River and approximately 40 minutes from Heriot Bay on Quadra Island. During the summer months there is regular scheduled water taxi service to and from Campbell River. 

It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Live It!

Thursday 12 April 2018

Real Estate Rule Changes: Update and Survey Link

The Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate (BC) has released a new feedback survey asking for response to some updates they have made to the rule changes which come into effect June 15, 2018. We believe all members of the public, especially those currently involved in selling or buying real estate, should have the opportunity to respond.

Click here to be taken to the consultation page and continue to the survey:

The survey does not deal directly with the elimination of Limited Dual Agency, as it appears the Provincial Government has made that decision for you. The survey does address the issue of Dual Recusal mentioned in earlier letters. At the end you are afforded an opportunity to provide additional comments, which we encourage you to use.

The BC Oceanfront Team continues to appeal to government and the governing bodies to reassess the decision to eliminate Limited Dual Agency, and if nothing else to provide better exemptions for remote, recreational real estate and small communities. We believe this is in the best interest of all our clients, both sellers and buyers, and we strongly believe that the government does not have the right to take that choice away from you; especially when the alternative may negatively impact your experience and decision-making.

You may also want to contact your local MLA as well as the governing bodies to voice your concerns.
Real Estate Council of BC: 
Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate: 
BC Real Estate Association: 
North Island MLA Claire Trevena:
Finance Minister Carole James:  

As always, Ed and Shelley welcome calls or emails with questions or to discuss the new rules further.

Thursday 5 April 2018

Multi-day Hikes on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is renowned for water-based recreation and exploration, but there is also a lot of land-based recreation available. The island has such a variety of ecosystems that someone looking for a multi-day hike adventure has many choices. 

You want mountains? Head to Strathcona Park where you will find a number of over-night or longer hikes that will take you to a number of iconic mountains in the park, such as Mt. Albert Edward.

Strathcona Park

Looking for the southern rugged shores? Head to the Juan de Fuca Trail.

The West Coast Trail is a world-famous trail that requires signing up to a waiting list at least a year in advance to even get to hike it.

Looking for remote? Head over to Nookta Island and the multi-day trail there. Or drive to the northern tip of the island and hike the Cape Scott Trail, along boardwalks and mud, and then move onto the North Coast Trail which extends from the Cape Scott Trail.

Cape Scott

Want to add some canoeing into the hiking adventure? Della Falls, Canada’s highest waterfall, is the spot for you.

There are many more that can be done by pushing in one long day or split more comfortably into two days. The island is absolutely the place for outdoor adventuring of all kinds, including serious hiking.