Thursday 24 April 2014

BCO: Enjoying the Water

Fishing season never really ends on the BC Coast, but April is licence renewal time, so it seems like a good time to remind people of some of the rules.

Freshwater licences are governed by the province. Youth under the age of 16 do not need to have a licence, although they still need to follow the rules and regulations pertaining to closures, etc. The website for more information on licencing is found at Fish, Wildlife and Habitat Management. The other important reference is the Regulations page. This is where you can see what the opening dates for various rivers/bodies of water are, as well as the retention allowances and gear rules.

Saltwater licences are governed by the federal government. Everyone needs to have a licence to fish saltwater, although youth licences are free (however there is a charge for certain tags even on youth licences). Information on saltwater licences can be found at the Fisheries and Oceans Canada website.

Fishing is a major part of living on the BC Coast and is a great way to enjoy time with friends and family in the great outdoors. Whether in a boat on the ocean, fly fishing in a river or standing on a dock at the lake, being properly prepared for a visit from a local enforcement officer will make the day that much more enjoyable.

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Thursday 17 April 2014

Building a Recreational or Remote Residence

Remote and recreational properties often sit outside major population centres and outside municipal zoning areas, providing little direction for those wanting to build. While at one time this meant people simply built what they wanted, now-a-days you have to consider if you might want to re-sell the property.

The Home Protection Office in BC now requires that all new homes built in the province, no matter where or the building rules (or lack thereof) imposed by local regional powers, must have warranty for 10 years. This means either they are built by a home warranty-approved builder who knows all the requirements, or a home owner can apply for a home builder permit and is then bound to build the home to meet all requirements.

If the home is offered for sale within the 10 years of being built, the home must be accompanied by a Home Warranty. For more information on this, visit the HPO website.

Whether you're buying a newly built cottage/vacation home/remote residence or planning on building your own, this is another step in making sure your investment in paradise is secure and safe.

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Thursday 10 April 2014

Traveling on the Wing

Seaplanes are a part of life on the coast. The planes are used to transport people, mail and goods between communities all over coastal BC, as well as to the US. Campbell River is a hub for seaplane travel, with routes radiating out to communities on the islands as well as along the more remote central and northern mainland coastline.

It is not unusual for Ed or Shelley to hop on a mail run to get out to a property. These mail runs are scheduled year-round and are crucial for the more remote communities. Seats are often available to people looking to get out to these areas, and pick up can be scheduled or arranged for the next mail day. Of course, charter flights are also common.  Fishing lodges, wilderness tours, logging camps and fish farms all book charter flights to get people, and goods, to and from their remote locations.

Float planes aren't just for servicing remote communities however. Many business people are finding that float plane is a quick and economical way to travel between even large urban centres these days. Harbour to harbour flight back and forth between Victoria and Vancouver is very common, even for people looking to visit for the week-end. With the cost and time of ferry/car travel, harbour to harbour flights are becoming a great alternative for getting quickly to your chosen destination.

Children here grow up seeing float planes land and take-off on a regular basis. There is nothing quite so spectacular as a plane coming down over your head as it comes in to land on the water beside you.

Come to the coast and you will soon see that these wonderful planes are an integral and daily part of life.
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Thursday 3 April 2014

BCO Coastal Hidden Gems: Telegraph Cove

Telegraph Cove is a name that is familiar to many people, but not as many people know where it is located and what really is there. It has made a name for itself as one of the premier whale watching destinations in BC, and offers visitors whale watching tours and a whale museum.

But there is so much more at Telegraph Cove. The small community is built around a historic boardwalk that was at one time part of a fishing and cannery village in that location. Visitors can stay in small accommodations right on the boardwalk, where you will find a coffee shop and the natural museum alongside historic buildings and artifacts from bygone days.

There are two marinas and RV parks in Telegraph Cove, as well as private rentals and homes. The area is the launch point for many whale watching businesses, as it is located close to the Robson Bight ecological reserve where orca whales are frequent visitors.

Telegraph Cove is approximately 210 km north of Campbell River and just south of Port McNeill, on the east coast of Vancouver Island

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