Thursday 10 December 2020

What Is the Coastal Lifestyle?

This year more than ever the BC Oceanfront Real Estate Team has appreciated the amazing coastal region we call home. We talk a lot about the coastal lifestyle, and how that relates to both our work and our time outside of work.

Big Picture, this has meant Ed and Shelley finding a way to get some time away in the summer especially, but really all year round, for fishing/hunting/camping. This may mean one is out of town while the other is covering the office, or it may mean Ed is at his cabin in Quatsino fishing in the mornings and working remotely in the afternoons and evenings. This year there weren’t so many away trips, but there were still days out on the boats.

On a smaller scale, the coastal lifestyle means week-ends outdoors, and often evenings as well. It means stopping and looking out the windows at the office when someone thinks they spot whales, or an interesting boat is going through the passage between Quadra Island and Campbell River.  It means talk about fishing taking as much time as talk about properties during client meetings, and photo uploads of our week-end adventures to share on social media. It also means that when Shelley and Ed show clients a property they share in the delight a buyer feels upon seeing the wonder of the coast for the first time. After years of living and working on the coast, that feeling of awe and wonder hasn’t gone away.

The coastal lifestyle doesn’t mean you just live on the coast. It means every day you appreciate that coast and the lifestyle it allows you to enjoy. It means you relax a little more often than if you lived in the big city, and getting to spend time outside is a priority.

 We believe in it, we live it and we love to share it.


It’s a Coastal Lifestyle … Live It!