Thursday 21 July 2022

BCO Coastal Gems: Owen Bay

Located within the heart of the Discovery Island group and surrounded by beautiful natural scenery and an abundance of wildlife, this Sonora Island area offers all types of outdoor recreation and sport activities - fishing, boating, diving, and wildlife viewing, while seafood such as crab, prawns, clams and oysters are all available within minutes of this region. 

Approaching Owen Bay from the end of Busby
(Springer Point at the south tip of the development
is in the centre of the photo)

Owen Bay is located on the south side of Sonora Island on Okisolo Channel, just above Hole in the Wall rapids. 

The Discovery Islands are rich in First Nations culture and history.

view out from Busby

Owen Bay was first settled by non-indigenous people approximately 100 years ago, at times it was home to a school, church and general store, however the location did not attract a more permanent settlement in the long run. It has evolved into a quiet, coastal vacation and recreation community with a small complement of full-time residents. The Owen Bay development encompasses both a portion of Sonora Island and Busby Island, which is separated from Sonora by only a small channel.

looking across from Sonora to Busby

There are government dock facilities located in Owen Bay. Owen Bay provides excellent protection for both mooring and anchoring your boat and the roadway leading from the Government Dock throughout the area is more than adequate for vehicles if one chooses.

Owen Bay government dock

Owen Bay Rd

There are a few marine parks to enjoy within close proximity, including the Octopus Island Group Marine Park which is only minutes away. Access to Owen Bay is by boat or float plane only. 

aerial approach to Owen Bay

Campbell River is approximately 45 minutes away by boat and provides an excellent centre for supplies and services. During the summer months there is regularly scheduled water taxi service from Campbell River to Owen Bay and Busby Island. There is also regularly scheduled barge service to Owen Bay to bring propane and fuel as well as any arranged deliveries (groceries, building supplies, etc). Other areas such as Browns Bay on Vancouver Island or Heriot Bay on Quadra Island provide even quicker access through primarily protected waters. 

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Thursday 7 July 2022

Inlets of the BC South Central Coast

The South Central Coast of BC is accessible only by boat or float plane as it is surrounded by the high peaks of the Coast Mountain Range on the mainland and the straits that run between the mainland and Vancouver Island. This wilderness region is well known for amazing natural beauty, wildlife viewing and fishing and it is popular with boaters and outdoor enthusiasts.

Boating in Bute Inlet

Bute Inlet, considered one of the grandest fjords in the world, is surrounded by the rugged coastal mountains of the British Columbia mainland coast, capped by the Homathko Icefield and numerous other glaciers. It runs 80km long and averages 4km in width, and is one of the deepest fjords in this region at 660m. It is located approximately 30 miles north of Campbell River on Vancouver Island. 

Bute Inlet

Loughborough Inlet is approximately 22 miles deep, running from the mouth of the Stafford River to Cordero Channel across from West Thurlow Island at the northern end of the Discovery Islands. It is just south of Johnstone Strait. Its average width is 2.5km and the inlet is halfway between the entrances to Knight Inlet and Bute Inlet.

Loughborough Inlet

Toba Inlet is known for its amazing waterfalls and emerald waters. As one of the shorter inlets in this stretch of coast at only 35km in length, it is popular with kayakers and boaters as a great place to explore and offers all of the amazing wildlife viewing that the entire region is known for.

Toba Inlet 

Knight Inlet is the largest in this section of coastal fjords, stretching about 125km and averaging 2.5km in width. The opening of the inlet is just north of Johnstone Strait in Queen Charlotte Strait, along the southern edge of the Great Bear Rain Forest. Knight Inlet is well known for bear watching during the salmon runs of the late summer/early fall especially.  

Knight Inlet 

These inlets and all the other waterways that make up this region provide a diverse, fascinating wilderness experience to boaters and adventurers.

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