Thursday 30 July 2015

The Amazing Offerings of Vancouver Island

For a nature lover, it doesn't get much better than being on Vancouver Island. From any of the cities and towns on the island, you have access to a wealth of outdoor options.

Want to hang out at a lake? Every region has a number to choose from, whether it is Elk Lake near downtown Victoria, Shawnigan Lake on the south island, Westwood Lake in Nanaimo, Comox Lake near Courtenay, McIvor Lake near Campbell River, or Alice Lake on the north island.
Alice Lake

Want to go fishing? From one tip to the other, there are fishing spots a plenty, many with easy driving access.
Camping? Choose from provincial parks, forestry sites, private RV parks or regional campgrounds, stretched along both sides of the island and in the centre as well.

Hiking trails can be found throughout, with major multi-day hiking trails concentrating around the Strathcona Park region, on the west coast of the island and at the northern tip of the island.

Ocean access is readily available, with choices of sandy beaches or rocky shores depending on what you want to spend your time doing.

And don't forget there are two ski hills as well!

Vancouver Island draws visitors every year because of the abundant outdoor opportunities, and this same wealth of nature is why so many stay and make this home.

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Thursday 23 July 2015

Gathering Information

When someone asks Ed and Shelley to list a property, especially a remote property, a lot of energy goes in to gathering information. Some of the questions they ask may seem very specific, but they have always operated under the belief that the more information provided up front, the more prepared a potential buyer will be.

The information gathering starts with any legal documents around the property. Title, covenants, easements, foreshore leases, specific permission, water license, etc. If the client does not have these we will track them down or assist the owner in tracking them down. Next up are the service documents. These would be things like well logs, septic inspection reports, septic approval documents, etc.

The real detail search comes during a property visit. Visual information is very useful, and so Ed or Shelley will go around taking photos of anything that may have a label on it, such as wood stoves, generators, fuel tanks, etc. These details are incredibly useful when it comes to writing the property information package back in the office.

The more information we can gather at the time of listing the better prepared we are for potential buyers.

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Thursday 16 July 2015

Campbell River Estuary and Tyee Spit

For decades the Campbell River was used as an exchange and holding area for many logging operations. In recent years efforts have been made to repair and restore the area, transforming the shoreline back to healthy, indigenous vegetation.

The Tyee Spit itself has been transformed into a wonderful park, complete with walking paths and beach access, a great place to look out over Discovery Passage and across to Quadra Island. It is popular with families as a great place for bikes, scooters and kites and also popular with dog walkers. The centre lawn is perfect for playing on and the numerous benches provide great spots to rest and look out at the water and marine traffic. The beach along the edge of the park is a nice place to sit as well.

The park has also become a popular spot for photos!

The estuary and Baikie Island are still works in progress, but are quickly becoming naturalized once again thanks to hard work by a number of groups.

A great place to explore in the middle of the city.

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Thursday 9 July 2015

BCO Coastal Gem: Elk Falls Suspension Bridge

Thanks to the Rotary Club, Campbell River has a new suspension bridge at Elk Falls Provincial Park. The 60 metre long bridge was completed in May of this year, and has been attracting quite a bit of attention. It provides new views of the Falls as well as a look down the narrow canyon that follows from the Falls.
The walk to the bridge from the brand new parking area takes you through a forested area, along easy trails. 

To get to the bridge itself be prepared for some steep stairs. The stairs take you down further to a viewing platform (almost directly across from the old platform) which gives an amazing view of the Falls.  

Of course, the star of the show is Elk Falls, on the Campbell River, the third and largest of a series of falls (Deer and Moose being the other two).

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Thursday 2 July 2015

BCO Coastal Gem: Cathedral Grove

Vancouver Island has so much forest, we sometimes forget to look more closely at the amazing trees in these forests. Sight-seeing gets taken up by the amazing water features of the island, while we drive past acres and acres of forest.

Cathedral Grove, or as it's formal name MacMillan Provincial Park, found on the highway to Port Alberni, is a place to appreciate the trees in our island forests. This small provincial park celebrates Vancouver Island forests, both their eco-systems and their history. In a very small space that is bisected by a busy road, one is quickly overwhelmed by the majesty of the trees.

largest tree in the park

rain forest moss

tall, tall trees

Cathedral Grove is worth a stop, even if you live on the island and think you know trees. It's worth the reminder that these forests of ours are something special.
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