Thursday 26 May 2022

BCO Coastal Gem: Tahsis

The coastal village of Tahsis sits at the head of protected Tahsis Inlet, on the West Coast of Vancouver Island near Nootka Sound. Tahsis is a (gravel) road access village, with services and shopping. It has a K-12 school, a recreation centre with swimming pool, bowling alley, workout room, gym and climbing wall, post office, hardware store, convenience store with gas station and restaurant, and a mechanic. Services include a medical clinic, ambulance, coast guard station and volunteer fire department. Campgrounds and B&Bs provide accommodation.

Tahsis offers access to a number of wilderness hiking trails, caving, incredible ocean kayaking, scuba diving, wind surfing, sailing and canoeing. The area is best known for offering world-class sport fishing as massive runs of salmon migrate down the west of British Columbia to their spawning grounds in coastal streams and rivers. Anglers can also venture out to the Pacific Ocean where fishing is excellent for halibut, flounder, rockfish and lingcod. Crabs, prawns, shrimp, oysters and other seafood are also plentiful. Wildlife abounds! Black bear, wolves, cougars, Roosevelt elk and coastal black-tailed deer are frequent visitors to this area. Guests from around the world marvel at the eagles, sea lions, whales and other marine wildlife that is common in the nearby waters. 

The picturesque and versatile west coast village offers a full-service marina and a safe, friendly small town atmosphere that boasts an incredible blend of outdoor adventures and some of the most rugged and breathtaking scenery in British Columbia, Canada.

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It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Live It!

Thursday 12 May 2022

Private Islands

Buying an island may seem like a dream to many, but in reality private islands are sold in almost every budget category. They are not common, because there simply aren’t a lot of them, but there is a wide variety, from a small rocky islet  to a large developed estate.

For some people the owning of the island is enough, and it will never be developed. It will remain a natural escape from the world, perhaps for camping on or just day trips. Or just for someone in a land-locked big city to know, they own an island in the Pacific Ocean.

Other people want to live on the island, at least some of the time if not full-time (and some definitely want to live there full time). That then becomes a more involved exercise. Some people circumvent all these complicated issued by buying an island already developed, and so only requiring upkeep. But others want to create their own, personal retreat and place. For them, the work and the creation of building is part of the desire.

Like any remote coastal property, logistics are a part of the consideration of owning a private island. Here is what you need to consider.

1. How will you get there? Is this easily accessible by boat? How far is it from a launch point? Is it easier to take a float plane to the property? If you want to travel to the island regularly, how long will that take you?

2.   2. What are the services? If there aren’t any already in place, how will you service a residence if that is what you want to have on the island?

3.   3. How will you get supplies to the property?

Private islands are fun to market as each one has something special, a character all its own. People love to look at the listings and we always get lots of questions about them. They are rarely the oddest coastal property we have listed but they are generally the ones that people are most curious about.

It's a Coastal Lifestyle... Live It!