Thursday 25 September 2014

Island Eco-Systems

It's not only the beaches that are different from one end of the island to the other, there are also different eco-systems in place. One of the most distinctive on Vancouver Island (and the Gulf Islands) is the Garry Oak and Arbutus forests on southern Vancouver Island.

A garry oak in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria

Garry Oak eco-systems are becoming quite rare, and are protected in many places on the southern islands. The system likes dry, partially meadowed areas, often along the seashore or on rocky hillsides.

Arbutus trees are very common south of Nanaimo, but they too have had stress on their eco-systems, and in recent years have suffered from diseases that threaten to do serious damage.
Garry oaks and Arbutus along the Westway walkway in Esquimalt

Both of these trees and the eco-systems they live in make Victoria a very special place to visit and walk in, and create the magic that is all part of Vancouver Island.

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Thursday 11 September 2014

BCO Coastal Gems: Sonora Island

Sonora Island is one of the larger islands in the Discovery Islands group, which is nestled between the central east coast of Vancouver Island and the BC mainland. The region is known for its waterways, islands and beaches and is a very popular boating destination. There is no ferry service to Sonora Island, so anyone visiting arrives by private boat or float plane.

There is a large and popular resort on Sonora, as well as a popular recreational vacation area in Owen's Bay, where there is a Government Dock. Water taxis run out to the island regularly in the summer months.

The waters surrounding Sonora are well known for tidal activity, and have become a regular part of local water tours.

Two marine parks are close by, including Thurston Bay Provincial Marine Park on the west side of the island and Octopus Islands Marine Park. These parks attract kayakers to the region.

Sonora is a typical, rugged coastal island, with peaks topping 1200m as well as deep forested regions and rocky shores. It also has some beautiful beaches and wonderful protected bays.

Definitely a place to explore.

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Thursday 4 September 2014


We get asked a lot in this office about non-residents buying property. This article, on the BCREA website, provides a quick and concise overview.

We work with clients from all over the world and are happy to do so. Who wouldn't want to live here?
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