Thursday 28 August 2014

Choosing Your Recreational Property

Ocean, lake or forest? Water or road access? Rugged or pastoral? Small island or big island?

These are just some of the considerations that go into deciding where to buy a recreational property, and the reason that the first thing Ed does is have a conversation about a client's likes/dislikes, dreams and future plans. Each person who dreams of a recreational property has a different idea of what recreational property is, and part of the job at BCO is to determine the right property for each client.

Some of the things one needs to consider:
1. What type of recreation do you want to do? Are you a fisherman who wants an ocean cabin where you can readily access your favourite fishing holes? Are you a hiking family who wants to be closer to great hiking trails and park regions? Do you want to be out in a canoe or water skiing on beautiful lakes? Or do you just want to get away from the bustle of daily life and unwind in a beautiful, natural setting?

2. How can you access the property? Do you have a boat for water access only properties on lakes or islands? Do you have a truck or four-wheel-drive vehicle to access remote properties down rough dirt roads? Or would you prefer easy drive-to locations?

3. What sorts of amenities do you want in your recreational property? Running water? Electricity? Heat? Plumbing? Or are you wanting more rustic, such as an outhouse and water from a creek? Are you willing to do propane appliances and generators or do you want to be in the power grid? These types of properties are all possible, so knowing what you want to deal with and what you are comfortable with is important to insure long term happiness and satisfaction.

4. How long do you want to travel to get there? Are you ok taking a ferry or two? How long a drive do you want to make, and on what kinds of roads? If it is too far away will you use it less, or is it the distance that makes you want to go there even more?

A good recreational property can bring joy and contentment, especially if it is purchased after careful consideration of one's lifestyle, desires and needs. At the BCO office those are some of our favourite conversations to have, as we then get to introduce clients to a property we feel confident they will really love.

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Thursday 21 August 2014

BCO Coastal Hidden Gem: Quatsino Village

Quatsino Village is in Quatsino Sound on the north-west coast of Vancouver Island. It is a boat access only community with 40 permanent residents, and many more seasonal residents. It is an older community, having been around for over 100 years and at one time was the customs entrance for the area.

The Village has worked hard to maintain some of the heritage of the area and has a small museum as well as an old church still in use.

An unusual feature of the Village is that it is strung out over approximately 16km along the shore line which encompasses a couple of small bays. There is a road that runs along the length of most of the Village, and many residents barge over trucks or ATVs to get around.

Like most west coast villages, Quatsino is best known as a fishing hub. However there is much more to offer, including spectacular Colony Lake and lots of great beach combing. The Village has the advantage of having power and decent cell reception, making longer stays easy. It also makes preserving the fish catch easier as well!

Quatsino just happens to be Ed's favourite area to spend time. It provides great access to the open West Coast for outside fishing, as well as beautiful areas to explore and harvest (both fish and crabs, prawns, etc) in Quatsino Sound and its various waterways.

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Thursday 14 August 2014

Changes in the BCO Office

We are a very close group here in the BCO office, as any of you who have visited us in person can attest to. We work in close quarters, and tend to know a lot about each other. We like to consider ourselves a family of sorts.

Well, one of our family members is leaving home this week. Louise, who has been a part of the BCO team for 10 years, is moving in a new direction with her career and going back to school. We are all sad to see her go, although we are excited for her as she embarks on this new journey. Our office will be quieter and calmer without her mischievous sense of humour, her love of flirting and her crazy surprises.

With Louise leaving we are welcoming a new member to our team. Jennifer has been in the office for the past six weeks, shadowing Louise and trying to absorb her tasks and knowledge as quickly as possible. A tall order!

Today we are heading out on Ed's boat to fish and laugh together, and wish Louise well. Tomorrow is Louise's official last day.

We will miss her.

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Thursday 7 August 2014

Eco Gifts

While most people know that you can donate property to a charitable organization, not everyone may now that if one chooses and the land qualifies, the gift can be classified as an "eco gift". This comes up in our area occasionally, as much of the land on the coast could be termed ecologically sensitive or near to ecologically sensitive land.

The federal government oversees the process of having a donation declared an ecological gift, and there are regulations and criteria regarding how a property qualifies.

Not only properties can be donated. One can also donate easements and covenanted areas. The donated parcel only needs to meet one of the criterion on the list, although most of them will meet more than one.

An ecological gift can provide significant tax advantages to the donor and can ensure that a land's biodiversity and environmental value is protected into the future.

For more information, go to the Environment Canada Eco Gifts page:

It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Pass It On!