Thursday 27 February 2014

BCO Coastal Gems: Read Island

Overshadowed by its larger island neighbours Quadra and Cortes, Read Island sits in the heart of the Discovery Islands. Well known now for its easy access beaches and the large provincial park at its southern tip, Read Island has a vibrant if small community that includes a community centre and a public school.

Originally settled by farmers, Read has been home to logging camps, fishermen, fish farms and homesteaders throughout its history. While the year round population is quite small, there are many seasonal visitors who maintain residences, as well as some lodges. The island is water access only, and there is no ferry service.

Amazing water ways, beautiful beaches, stunning rock formations, old abandoned orchards, wildlife and so much more await someone who ventures to Read Island. To truly immerse in the history of the island one can find a number of books that reference Read Island along with the other Discovery Islands. A good one to start with is Tidal Passages. Read about the first farmers, the logging camps, the scandals and the families that formed Read Island into the community it is today. Some of the history exists only in the shape of the land, while other parts are visible in the place names.
Read Island is one of those locations that make the coast such a magical place to explore, we hope you get a chance to visit!

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Thursday 20 February 2014

Winter is a Relative Term

On the south-west coast of British Columbia, we are fortunate to escape the worst of Canadian winters. At this time of year, when most of the country is in the grips of the cold snow and deep freeze that is a typical Canadian February, Vancouver Island and the BC south coast are usually gearing towards spring. It is hard not to call friends and family back east to check on their winter progress as an opportunity to remind them of the mild weather out here!

That is not to say that cold snaps don't happen, or that we don't get some snow, as we do get the occasional snow fall. However, those are the exception and there can be years that no snow falls on the populated areas of Vancouver Island (our mountains on the other hand can get exceptional snow fall thanks to winter storms). A cold snap usually lasts no more than a few days before temperatures once again warm up, and snow doesn't generally last long on the ground.

There are variations in the island's climate from north to south. The north generally gets more rain, and has milder temperatures. The central eastern coast side also gets a fair bit of rain, but experiences warmer summer temperatures. The south coast of the island, around Victoria, tends to be the mildest and receives less rain than the rest of the island. The west coast, being more open to the Pacific Ocean, receives more storm action but also has milder temperatures.

Campbell River enjoys temperatures on average between -2 and +23 degrees Celsius. Summer is generally mild and dry. Winter does bring rain to the island, with November usually seeing the most precipitation in a given year. The rain storms of winter provide some amazing 'storm watching' opportunities, not only on the more rugged and open west coast of the island but also here on the east side of the island. Beach combing after a winter storm is a great outdoor activity.
piled up driftwood after a January storm in Campbell River
This mild island weather means access to the outdoors is year round on the entire island. This includes fishing in both rivers and the ocean, as well as year round hiking and other outdoor pursuits such as cycling. Add in a local ski hill and you have the best of both worlds in one place. Fly fishing in the river one day, skiing on the hill the next, and a good walk whenever the mood strikes - all are available here in the middle of winter.

And of course, starting in February the garden colours start to show, providing a welcome reminder that spring is on its way!
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Thursday 13 February 2014

Coast Realty Group 30 Years

You may have noticed an updated logo adorning our media and ads these days:

Coast Realty Group is celebrating 30 years of service on Vancouver Island. Do you know the history of this great company?

From the Coast Realty Group Website:
In 1984 six Nanaimo Realtors envisioned a new style of real estate leadership. They broke-free from franchise restrictions in order to establish an independent Company that was, and remains, committed to serving the needs of clientele and Sales Representatives (always known as REALTORS®). Armed with only a protractor the group of top-producers collectively designed a symbolic logo that embodied the unique flavour of the Canadian west coast: a mountain, the ocean, and a single seabird. This enduring icon represents the unforgettable landscape and endless possibilities available on Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast. It has also come to represent Coast Realty Group; a Company synonymous with integrity, information, and innovation.

Since its inception Coast Realty Group has sustained steady, upward growth due to the ethical standard the founders inspired. Growth proves client confidence and Coast Realty Group has continued to open new office locations and attract discerning sales professionals because of its pledge to integrity. In 1993 Coast Realty Group began its steady expansion from a single office to its current 12 offices - from Ladysmith to Campbell River and Ucluelet to Powell River. Coast Realty Group specializes in the art of west coast living. Today, Coast Realty Group works in partnership with more than 250 Sales Representatives and Administrative Professionals, seven Regional Managers and one General Manager. Each Coast Realty Representative has been selected for their outstanding commitment to customer service and successful business practices.

Coast Realty Group's independence has allowed the company to create a contemporary Website that serves as a portal of centralized information. One click will conveniently take Clients to any of the geographical areas Coast Realty represents and offer details regarding Representatives, open houses, new listings, and virtual tours. Our online real estate listings feature a wide variety of apartments, businesses, and homes for sale on Vancouver Island. The website also offers monthly MLS® statistics for the overall Vancouver Island real estate market, as well as its regional markets.

Coast Realty Group has expressed its dedication to innovation by offering well-trusted Insurance and Mortgage services, as well as Property Management. Furthermore, Coast Realty Group has developed a network of strategic alliances across Canada; a network of independent real estate companies sharing information, resources, and a common vision. Through integrity, information, and innovation Coast Realty Group puts People. Above all.
 BC Oceanfront is proud to be a part of this island company.
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Thursday 6 February 2014

Dolphins and Porpoises

Dolphins and porpoises have been in the news a fair bit lately, with some large groups being spotted from ferries and city harbours. We are fortunate here on the coast to be able to see a number of different species. These include the Dall's Porpoise, Harbour Porpoise and the Pacific White-Sided Dolphin.

Campbell River and the surrounding waters are prime viewing for these playful creatures, and with the BC Oceanfront Team spending so much time on the water it's only to be expected that we've seen our fair share of these fun creatures!

The above photos were taken in 2012 from Ed's boat by his daughter.

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