Thursday 21 May 2015

Working with Aerial Photos

For years Ed has been known as the guy who uses aerial photography on his listings. Considering the nature of many of the properties marketed by the BC Oceanfront Team, aerial photos are a big help. Photos from the shore are nice, but photos on land of a large acreage (especially if it is raw land) can only give a small feel of the overall property.
 Discovery Passage Lots

Aerial photos convey location, topography (somewhat, although photos can flatten perspective), surroundings and size. They can give a better understanding of where improvements may be on a property and also of access in and around properties.
Lyall Pt and lots

Putting lines on aerial photos is not an exact science. These are done using extensive mapping, landmarks and Ed's knowledge of the properties. It takes time to sort through the photos to choose the best angles and see which ones capture the property.
before and after lines, Channel Rock NW1/4

Taking the photos is a challenge as well. Ed and/or Shelley take mapping with them and tend to err on the side of caution by taking photos to either side of where they think the property is as well. Viewing property from the air is quite different than visiting on land or by water. Sometimes an arrow is used on a further away shot or when getting the lines accurate is proving too difficult.
Gossip Island arrow to lot

Aerial photography is an important component of BC Oceanfront's marketing, and one we will continue to use to the best advantage we can.

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