Thursday 10 May 2018

Exploring Strathcona Park

As the oldest provincial park in BC, Strathcona Park is considered one of the jewels of the provincial park system. It is 250,000 hectares and encompasses mountain ranges, valleys, lakes and waterfalls at the centre of Vancouver Island.

This park has many entry points and there are a variety of experiences one can have to enjoy it and explore. Numerous hiking trails provide for either short day hikes or experienced multi-day hikes that take you high up into the mountains. Buttle Lake provides boating and fishing opportunities, and there are two large campgrounds in the park - Buttle Lake and Ralph River.
Buttle Lake

 Without needing to hike up you can access the alpine meadows of the park through Paradise Meadows and Mount Washington (the ski resort sits on the edge of the park) where you can do gentle short walks through the meadows or more challenging 1-2 day hikes to some of the surrounding peaks.

Paradise Meadows boardwalk

Waterfall hunters won't be disappointed, as there are a number of large falls in the park. Most of them are accessible by a short hike, while some are more of a day hike. Della Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in Canada, is a more serious trek that starts with a boat ride.

Lower Myra Falls

Lady Falls

While there are the easier, car-accessible recreation opportunities on Buttle Lake and at Paradise Meadows, the majority of the park is wilderness and still untouched in some places.

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