Thursday 27 July 2017

Provincial Parks on Vancouver Island

You can't drive more than an hour on Vancouver Island without hitting a Provincial Park, or so it seems. Did you know there are 85 provincial parks on and around Vancouver Island, with another 30 in the Gulf and Discovery Island groups?
Buttle Lake, Strathcona Provincial Park
Vancouver Island is home to the very first provincial park in BC - Strathcona - which stretches along the centre of Vancouver Island and encompasses a variety of mountains and lakes providing serious hiking, boating, rock climbing and camping opportunities. Strathcona is a popular destination for wilderness seekers, as it provides two large drive-to campgrounds as well as a myriad of hiking trails and back country camping sites.
Paradise Meadows, Strathcona Provincial Park
While many of the parks are well known, such as Miracle BeachRathtrevorLittle Qualicum Falls and Bamberton, others are often known only to a select few. Parks such as Artlish CavesWhite Ridge and Sooke Mountain are not featured in magazines or tourist brochures, but are simply there to be found for those seeking an adventure.
Miracle Beach Provincial Park
Some of the parks are marine parks, encompassing bodies of water that have been deemed worthy of protection. While beaches or small islands may be associated with these parks, generally they are accessed by boat. A few, like Raft Cove, do have trail access but it is not well maintained.
Raft Cove Provincial Park
The numerous parks on the island provide a wonderful opportunity for exploration and speak to the amazing natural beauty of this area.

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