Thursday 2 June 2016

BCO Coastal Gems: Texada

Texada Island is accessed by ferry from Powell River on the Sunshine Coast in the Strait of Georgia. It is a long, narrow island visible also from Vancouver Island and, like many of the islands in the region, is known for its natural beauty and sandy beaches.

Texada is also known for its mines and quarries. There are three limestone quarries currently in operation, quite visible from the water.

Population for Texada sits around 1200, and there are services and amenities on the island. There are also a number of parks and both public and private campgrounds. Gillies Bay is a very popular beach area, but there are numerous places to explore on the island. The summer vibe on the island is as laid back as the rest of the local islands, with a Farmer's Market and many local artists to discover.

As with a number of the islands in the region, Texada shows evidence of being a harvesting location and perhaps a summer residence for First Nations groups prior to settlement by Europeans in the 1800s, but there is no evidence as yet that there were any permanent villages on the island.

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