Thursday 30 April 2015

BCO Coastal Gems: Tofino

Tofino is a magical place - a blend of old-school charm and new luxury; of hippies and yuppies, surfers and fishermen; of long-time residents and visiting tourists. Somehow it takes all the opposing factors and blends them into one captivating place.

With a permanent population of approximately 1800 and a transient population of many times that, Tofino offers all amenities and services one could need. It also offers a plethora of outdoor activities, from surfing and kayaking to whale watching and wilderness tours. There are also numerous spas, resorts and fine dining opportunities.

Although many people are drawn to Tofino initially for the Pacific Rim National Park that it neighbours, it soon becomes apparent that Tofino itself also has much to offer. Modern west coast architecture sits snug to older homes and ramshackle hostels, while a bustling waterfront shows the resource base of the town.

Whether one goes to surf, wander the beaches, or stay in one of the many resorts that dot the shoreline, Tofino quickly reveals a depth of character that enhances any stay.

It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Pass It On!

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