Thursday 21 August 2014

BCO Coastal Hidden Gem: Quatsino Village

Quatsino Village is in Quatsino Sound on the north-west coast of Vancouver Island. It is a boat access only community with 40 permanent residents, and many more seasonal residents. It is an older community, having been around for over 100 years and at one time was the customs entrance for the area.

The Village has worked hard to maintain some of the heritage of the area and has a small museum as well as an old church still in use.

An unusual feature of the Village is that it is strung out over approximately 16km along the shore line which encompasses a couple of small bays. There is a road that runs along the length of most of the Village, and many residents barge over trucks or ATVs to get around.

Like most west coast villages, Quatsino is best known as a fishing hub. However there is much more to offer, including spectacular Colony Lake and lots of great beach combing. The Village has the advantage of having power and decent cell reception, making longer stays easy. It also makes preserving the fish catch easier as well!

Quatsino just happens to be Ed's favourite area to spend time. It provides great access to the open West Coast for outside fishing, as well as beautiful areas to explore and harvest (both fish and crabs, prawns, etc) in Quatsino Sound and its various waterways.

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