Thursday 10 October 2013

BCO on the Job: Hanging Signs

When recreational, remote and waterfront properties are your speciality, there are certain logistics that come into play. One that many people don't think of, but is a crucial part of the job, is getting signs up.

Shelley putting up a sign.

Ed putting up a sign.

Signs are awkward to carry and transport, and the ones we put up on properties have to be big enough to be visible from a distance. The minimum size is a 4 foot by 4 foot, and usually they are larger than that. Getting them into the boat or truck is one thing, getting them to where they are going to go on the property is another thing altogether!

This was a long hill with that sign in hand.
Shelley cliff climbing.

Signs need to go up at all times of the year, and they need to be sturdy enough and mounted well enough to withstand all types of weather, especially some of the wilder winter weather the BC coast can receive. This adds to the challenge of prepping the sign.
Keeping the sign standing.
Ed getting a sign ready.

Ed and Shelley are usually the ones to put up the signs, although both of them have recruited others to help on occasion. As Shelley says about these outings, "Sometimes it seems to be a comedy of errors - you never have the right supplies no matter what you bring and something always creates a challenge."
Ed and Shelley had to make this ladder from scrap lumber at the site.
Logistics on this massive sign were tricky.

Waterfront properties are usually done using Ed's boat. This means that Shelley is often the one sent to place the sign while Ed steadies the boat (and laughs at Shelley).

Was this before or after you dropped the hammer, Shelley?

Sometimes, like this summer, Ed will put friends and family to work putting signs up. In this case he recruited some family friends to get the signs out one day!

Two sets of hands definitely makes it easier.

"Getting the sign on the right property can be difficult," says Shelley. "There aren't any street numbers on these properties, so good mapping and charts are crucial." You don't want to go back and take it down until it is sold!

Picking up the sign hangers.

Some properties require travelling to by vehicle and some good trekking to find the right location to place the sign. Up on trees, in clearings and in other places of high visibility are what is needed. Sometimes on the beach is where it has to go.

A tall lone tree is perfect.

That driftwood root isn't going anywhere.

The reward in getting these signs out comes when we receive a call in the office from someone who is in a boat or on a remote road looking at the sign and calling to inquire about the property, or they've written the number down and called us when they are back in cell range. (Of course that can also pose challenges for us in the office, as we have a lot of signs out there and telling us it was seen from the water doesn't really narrow it down!)

Whatever it takes to get the sign in place.

Sign hanging is just another unique aspect of the BCO office. "It's always interesting, but in the end we get the job done while having fun and being outdoors. Just another thing that I love about the work I do!"

Smile Shelley!
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