Thursday 3 July 2014

Campbell River Carvings 2014

Campbell River's Transformations on the Shore, commonly known as the Carving Competition, has wrapped up for another year. Every year the Campbell River Shoreline Arts Society hosts this popular event, where carvers spend five days creating art with a chainsaw from a very large chunk of cedar or fir.
The carvers are a mix of amateur and professional from both the island and the mainland. This year there was even one from the east coast of Canada.
Some of the carvings are traditional in nature, while others are whimsical. There are even modern art style pieces once in a while.

Nature themes are strong, but sometimes imagination takes over and myth and magic emerge. Some carvings have a simple varnish, while others are painted.


At the end of the five days prizes are awarded in various categories. The tools and tents are put away and the sawdust piles disappear. Select carvings move from the site quickly - ones that already have a home or intended destination. Others sit down at the park along the ocean for a week or more, allowing locals and tourists to visit and admire them at leisure. The event draws big crowds every year, and never fails to impress. The carvings which live around Campbell River, at various businesses, parks and private residences, serve as a connection to art and community with a west coast flair.

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