Thursday 10 July 2014

BCO Adventures: Alder Bay

One of the joys of living on the coast is exploring the many different areas where one can enjoy the outdoors. Over the Canada Day long week-end Shelley and her family had the opportunity to go experience the delights of Alder Bay and the waters of Broughton Strait.

Alder Bay Resort is just south of Port McNeill outside Telegraph Cove on the east coast of Vancouver Island. The resort has 90 sites, including some tent sites, and has all the amenities one would like to find at a private RV resort. It also has a marina with fish cleaning facilities, perfect for the family up fishing!
The waters around Alder Bay provide ever changing opportunities for exploration as well as some excellent fishing.

Another week-end adventure, just one of the many, many benefits of living on the BC coast and proof that we really do live by our slogan:
It's a Coastal Lifestyle .... Pass It On!

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