Thursday 26 June 2014

BCO Wildlife - Deer oh Deer

Living on Vancouver Island, or most regions on the coast of BC, there is always a chance of running across wildlife. Bald eagles are a regular sight, evidence of beavers can be seen on local trails, and bears and cougars are not unusual visitors to most communities. However the most common wildlife on Vancouver Island is by far deer.

Deer are opportunistic, and have realized that lovely urban gardens are not only great food sources but also tend to be free of predators. There is a lot of controversy over the rapidly growing urban populations of deer, but there is no denying that they make an interesting sight around town. Whether it is a stag crossing at a crosswalk (three times this year Kate has seen this) or a mother and fawns grazing at the side of the road, deer are now a part of residential life on the island.

Even on the top of a bluff, the deer will visit. Ed had a good time with one in his back yard recently, who appeared to enjoy the modeling.

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