Thursday 19 June 2014

Flushing on Remote or Recreational Properties

If you are looking at remote or recreational property, have you asked all the questions you can think of? Have you asked where the waste goes?

For many people this question might not even occur to them, as people are so accustomed to a city sewer system and flush toilets. But it is an important question.

There are many options. If it is an established property then it will already have a system in place. This can include outhouses, septic fields, septic tanks or straight outflow to the ocean. All of these options have been popular in the past and so are commonly seen in properties on the coast.

If you are building your own development, or making major improvements, there are many new innovations in the world of waste management. From composting toilets to incinerating toilets and many options in between, the world of septic waste management is more detailed than one might think.

Location and available land/space will play a major role in which system is chosen. Land that can't be easily dug may not be so suitable for a septic field and tank system, although an above ground holding tank may work. If a well is used for water can the system be placed far enough away to avoid contamination, or would a composting toilet be best? Amount of use can also determine the right system - will there be big groups on the property on a regular basis or just a couple of people throughout the year?

There are companies that specialize in septic systems as well as alternative systems for off-grid properties, and the BCO office can put you in touch with people on the coast who can help.

Remote and recreational properties can bring a lot of joy to one's life, but having all the systems in place ahead of time and being aware of the work required will go a long way to helping keep those properties a place of joy rather than a headache or hassle.

This is just one of the many questions the BCO office has to think about on a daily basis because of the interesting properties we market and sell.

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