Thursday 23 January 2020

Bald Eagles in Residence

Bald eagles are such a common sight around Campbell River that you are likely to see at least one on any given day. Many days, especially if you drive along the water, you will see more than one. Thanks to the same fish that bring people to our area the eagles live here year round, nesting in the trees and feeding in the local rivers and on the local beaches. Most of Vancouver Island, and certainly the central and northern parts including the smaller islands, have similar experiences when it comes to bald eagles - they are a regular part of the daily ecosystem.

People who are visitors to the area and not as familiar with the eagles often think there is another variety of eagle around, but it is usually the juvenile bald eagles they are seeing. These are a mottled brown colour and slightly larger than the adults. They are often seen in trees along the beaches and rivers where they are hoping to scavenge a free meal.

Eagles can and do fish for themselves of course, and it is quite something to watch. This one was on the west coast of the island.
So wherever you are on the island, or the smaller islands, make sure you keep an eye out for these magnificent birds. Once you start to spot them you'll be amazed at how common they really are out here.

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