Thursday 5 December 2019

Late Fall Weather on the West Coast

The wet west coast is a common phrase out here, but as with any cliche it isn't always true. This year has been drier than average through most of the fall. While this is very nice for anyone who works or enjoys spending time outdoors, it does have repercussions. No one is concerned about watering their gardens, but the local ski hills are concerned that they won't be opening on time (no rain at lower levels means no snow at higher levels) and the local conservationists and river watchers know that less precipitation in the fall can mean lower water levels and drier forests come spring and summer next year.
 views over the coastal mountains are not so common in the fall, but this year they have been stunning!

Clear and cold weather near the ocean often leads to thick marine fog that can come and go all day, generally clearing off at night. As the sun is further south in the sky it also makes for some beautiful soft lighting. Sunsets and sunrises have been quite beautiful.
gorgeous sunsets and sunrises

More moisture is supposed to be heading our way in December and everyone knows that it can snow at any time on Vancouver Island. It may not last long but a lot can fall in a very short period of time, creating a magical winter wonderland.
beautiful dusk colours

Rain and grey may be the norm that lead to the moniker "the wet west coast" but that doesn't mean we don't see a great variety of weather in late fall and through the winter.
getting outside into the green woods

The one constant is that it is always beautiful on the coast, no matter the weather, and that true west coasters will get outside in anything!

It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Live It!

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