Thursday 22 November 2018

BCO Road Trips

While a majority of our listings are boat access, there are a handful that require a driving road trip. Properties in Zeballos and Tahsis require a long drive, first on paved roads and then on gravel roads. These are all day trips, starting generally by 7am and not ending until 5pm or later.

Driving the large forest service roads into these communities requires one to be alert. However it also requires stopping along the way, as there is some breath-taking scenery and views to be found.

These small communities are shaped in part by the long drive in - not everyone wants to make such a drive. A truck is not a must but generally is better equipped to handle the varying road conditions, especially in the wet winters. And whatever one is driving - it's going to get dirty!

Just another aspect of the type of real estate BC Oceanfront deals in!

It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Live It!

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