Thursday 8 November 2018

BCO Coastal Gems: Broughton Archipelago and Area

The Broughton Archipelago is a collection of islands and waterways off the north-eastern coast of Vancouver Island, between Vancouver Island and the mainland. It encompasses dozens of islets and islands, collectively brought together into the Broughton Archipelago Provincial Park. Many people refer to the area in general (not just the park) as the Broughton Archipelago, or the Broughtons.

The park was established in 1992, however the region has long been known by boaters and kayakers as a wonderful place to explore. It has also long been known as an excellent place to see whales and other marine wildlife.

Many of the communities around the area provide services into the Broughtons, such as whale watching, fishing and kayaking tours. There are also a number of floating lodges and marinas tucked in to the waterways and islands.

Whether exploring from a base such as Telegraph Cove, Sointula or Alert Bay, or taking a multi-day boating trip in the region, the Broughton Archipelago will amaze and delight any outdoor adventurer.

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