Thursday 3 November 2016

Salmon Spawning Season

When the rain starts to fall in October on Vancouver Island and the rivers are filling up, that is when the salmon arrive in large numbers. Spawning season is well upon us here on the island, with the local rivers being popular with fishermen, photographers, tourists and wildlife - all coming to see the salmon.

Up and down the island school children are going on fieldtrips to the local river or hatchery to get a lesson in salmon lifecycles and the ecology of island forests. Seeing this up close is a wonderful experience and one that forms part of the west coast psyche. 

Walking along the Campbell River in October, especially along the spawning channels which are shallower and narrower than the big river, one doesn't know whether to watch the trail for decomposing fish dropped by bears and birds, or to watch the river in awe as the surviving salmon struggle their way upstream.

The cycle of the salmon has helped create the amazing natural wonder of our rich forests, as their decomposing bodies enhance the soil - nature's best compost. We never take for granted this show that nature puts on - it is just another reason to love living on the island and a great reason to visit in the fall.

It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Live It!

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