Thursday 17 November 2016

Remote Property Field Trips

Ed and Shelley ventured out to the West Coast this week to visit a couple of properties. This is definitely a fun part of their job when the weather cooperates, but it also requires a lot of planning and preparation.

For remote properties that can take several hours by boat to get to, answering all the questions they can in the first visit is important. Unlike properties in town or that are easier to access, they cannot go back to the property whenever they want to answer questions. So paying attention to all the details and knowing ahead of time what information is still needed is crucial. Things like power supply, waste water management, house size, moorage, heating, where the key is located, access, etc are all questions they may need to answer.

Before they head to a property the BCO office assistants along with Ed and Shelley have spent time going through information and photos provided by the seller (or sometimes already in our reference files) and have created a list of questions. They have also prepared mapping so that Ed and Shelley can be sure they are at the correct property (these visits are often done when no owners are at the property).

While on site Ed and Shelley try to take notes on everything, taking measurements where needed as well. Another technique is to take photos of all of the infrastructure and anything else they think may be useful (for example the front of a woodstove so we know for sure the maker). These photos won't be used in our marketing but will be kept as reference and used to prepare our marketing materials as well as to answer questions from potential buyers down the road.

Field trip days such as this week's to the west coast can be a nice break from the office, but they are still a lot of work!

It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Live It!

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