Thursday 23 July 2015

Gathering Information

When someone asks Ed and Shelley to list a property, especially a remote property, a lot of energy goes in to gathering information. Some of the questions they ask may seem very specific, but they have always operated under the belief that the more information provided up front, the more prepared a potential buyer will be.

The information gathering starts with any legal documents around the property. Title, covenants, easements, foreshore leases, specific permission, water license, etc. If the client does not have these we will track them down or assist the owner in tracking them down. Next up are the service documents. These would be things like well logs, septic inspection reports, septic approval documents, etc.

The real detail search comes during a property visit. Visual information is very useful, and so Ed or Shelley will go around taking photos of anything that may have a label on it, such as wood stoves, generators, fuel tanks, etc. These details are incredibly useful when it comes to writing the property information package back in the office.

The more information we can gather at the time of listing the better prepared we are for potential buyers.

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