Thursday 16 July 2015

Campbell River Estuary and Tyee Spit

For decades the Campbell River was used as an exchange and holding area for many logging operations. In recent years efforts have been made to repair and restore the area, transforming the shoreline back to healthy, indigenous vegetation.

The Tyee Spit itself has been transformed into a wonderful park, complete with walking paths and beach access, a great place to look out over Discovery Passage and across to Quadra Island. It is popular with families as a great place for bikes, scooters and kites and also popular with dog walkers. The centre lawn is perfect for playing on and the numerous benches provide great spots to rest and look out at the water and marine traffic. The beach along the edge of the park is a nice place to sit as well.

The park has also become a popular spot for photos!

The estuary and Baikie Island are still works in progress, but are quickly becoming naturalized once again thanks to hard work by a number of groups.

A great place to explore in the middle of the city.

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