Friday 5 June 2015

After the Offer: Research

A few weeks ago we talked about inspections and actions that happen after an offer is made on a property. There is also a lot of paperwork to look at, and the BC Oceanfront Team at Royal LePage Advance Realty has the knowledge and contacts to make that process less stressful for you. Whether the property is a local Campbell River home or a remote island acreage, we know who to talk to and what to ask for when it comes to information regarding the property.

Here are just some of the offices to visit and documents that would need to be reviewed:
  • Property Files. In a city these files are kept at City Hall, and in smaller communities a Municipal or Village Hall (i.e. Tahsis Village Office or Port Clements Village Office). These files can contain subdivision plans, building permits, service connections and locations, lot surveys, building plans, any correspondence between the city and the property owners, professional work, home warranty information, and city inspections. In more remote regions the Regional District may have documents on the property, although not as detailed regarding the buildings, as many of the more remote properties do not need building permits.

  • Title and title documents. These can include easements, covenants, plans or building schemes registered on the title. These are usually provided by the listing agent's office, but as your agents Ed and Shelley will go through the documents and make sure their buyer understands all of the legal issues that may be on title.

  • Septic documents. This step is for properties that are not on a city sewer system but instead have an independent septic system. If the system was permitted, then the local health authority will have a file on it.

  • Home Owners Protection office and warranty. For homes under 10 years of age, HPO should have proof of home warranty insurance on file.

  • Survey documents. These may come from the property owner, or from the original developer or from the company that did the original surveys.

  • Archeology Branch lets us know if there are any known archeological sites on a property. This has become a hot topic these days, especially here on the coast.
As the BC Oceanfront team deals with all variety of properties in all regions of the coast, we know who to call and are persistent in searching out information. We know the questions to ask and the places to begin looking. Ed and Shelley are there to help their buyers every step of the way.

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