Thursday 11 June 2015

A Typical BCO Day

At 8am Ed and Shelley meet at the dock in Campbell River. Ed has already stocked the boat with signs and the necessary equipment for banging them up. They have the folders they need for properties they are visiting, as well as the mapping to make sure they are at the right properties. Looking at a flat map and comparing it to a shoreline has become second nature to them.

Banging up the signs is generally Shelley's job, as Ed has to manoeuver the boat and then hold it off shore while Shelley is onshore. The signs are 4ft x 4ft, and need to be hefted over the rocks to the nearest tree. Positioning is carefully considered as the signs need to have maximum visibility.

Hanging signs is also the opportunity to take another set of photos of a property. This way we can provide photos from different seasons and different conditions to prospective buyers.

This day there were also property visits. Once Ed knows the property schedule for signage he can then make appointments with clients in the area. They also visit and photograph more extensively new listings, or check on other listings (in this case they visited a new private island listing and also checked on dock repairs at a Cortes listing). This is a nice break from clambering over the rocks.

Every time spent on the water is an adventure. This day Ed and Shelley were entertained by a lone orca and then later by a pod of dolphins.

The last sign was put up late in the afternoon, and by then Shelley had banged her hands more than a few times. These BCO boat days are long - they were finished and back at the Campbell River dock at 8pm, 12 hours after they started out.

It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Pass It On!

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