Thursday 14 November 2013

BCO: Walking the Properties

As mentioned in previous posts, there are certain challenges faced in the BCO office that may not be typical to most realtor offices. One of those challenges is viewing properties.

 For the more residential properties in the BCO portfolio this can mean a long drive or perhaps a ferry ride or boat ride. As properties become more remote the logistics can be trickier and often include a float plane ride. Residential properties still include walking around the home and taking detailed notes, as well as seeing the property - still fairly standard albeit sometimes logistically challenging.

For the more recreational or larger remote properties, viewings get more entertaining. Preparation usually includes good maps, sturdy hiking boots, waterproof or heavy clothing, flagging tape, water and food. In some cases it may require an axe or machete to clear brush from trails. When out on these properties, Ed and Shelley are looking for property markers, trails, distinguishing features, water sources and other details that help make our presentation of the property more complete.

Sometimes Ed and Shelley are accompanied by the property owner, but more often they are out there on their own with a map and perhaps survey notes, using their knowledge of the coastal area to get around. They get to see a lot of beautiful scenery and come back with stories of clambering over trees, wading through creeks and always with lots and lots of photos.

Yet another aspect of life in the BCO office that makes this such an interesting place to work!

It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Pass It On!

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