Thursday 28 November 2013

BC Coastal Hidden Gems: Bute Inlet

Bute Inlet is one of those places that people might know the name of but often can’t place. It is almost a mythical location, renowned for its abundant wildlife, majestic mountains and beautiful waters. The BCO team spends a lot of time in the area both for work and recreation as it is just 20 minutes by boat from Campbell River, and we know the attraction it has for so many people.

Bute is an 80km (50 miles) long inlet on the BC central coast, south of Knight Inlet, ending at Stuart Island in the Discovery Islands in Georgia Strait. The inlet averages about 4km in width with the mountains along its sides rising up to 2743 metres (9000ft) above sea level. It is also one of the deepest fjords in British Columbia with a depth of 660 metres (2165ft).

The peaceful and beautiful surroundings of Bute Inlet are unlike anywhere else on the coast. The region has a large variety of wildlife and the sea life is equally plentiful. Crab and prawns can be gathered right off shore and although there are fin fishing restrictions in the area – very close by one can enjoy world-class salmon fishing. Just north to the head of the inlet are the Homalthco and Southgate rivers, both of which provide world-class fishing for Cutthroat, Rainbow and Dolly Varden trout as well as Steelhead. The inlet is becoming known as a major destination for grizzly bear watching during the salmon spawning season as well.
But Inlet is named for John Stuart, the 3rd Earle of Bute and Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1762 to 1763. Stuart’s grandson, Charles Stuart, was on the ship Discovery with Captain Vancouver, and so was part of the British crew that explored this area.
Through-out its history Bute has attracted explorers and adventurers. At one time it was the site of a proposed trail to the Cariboo Gold fields. Like most of the BC Coast, it is also an area rich in First Nations lore.

Another of coastal BC’s many hidden gems!

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