Thursday 26 September 2013

BCO On the Wing, the Art of the Aerial Photos

Often in the BC Oceanfront office, business and pleasure go hand in hand. Case in point - taking aerial photos. When dealing with remote properties, large acreages, private islands, or residential developments, aerial photos can convey a great deal of information about a property and the surrounding location. So whenever the opportunity arises Ed, and sometimes Shelley, get up in the air.
Schloss Island

Ed has his own plane, so when he has a number of places to visit he will hire a pilot to fly him around while he visits properties and takes pictures. These are often long days planned in accordance with the weather forecast, to get the most out of his time in the sky.

Ed with his plane
Other times the local pilots will call the office and let Ed know they are going to be doing a flight that they have space on. If Ed or Shelley is able, they will grab their cameras and head out. The more time up in the air the more photos they can bring back to the office. Taking aerial photos is tricky, with glare, reflections and motion all adding to the challenge. Having a large selection of images helps with the final package preparation and lots of angles and different view points provide more information. Often a property will be photographed in different seasons as well, as vegetation coverage changes.
same area, first one in February 2010 second one in July 2012 

Weather (wind, rain, cloud coverage) can play a huge role in when they go flying. Ed has had to reschedule flight days many times when the weather just won't clear up enough. Shelley was out last week, and was unable to get over one of the west coast properties on her list because of wind turbulence.
Upper Campbell Lake

"The fact that this is our work, that we get to go out there and have this fantastic experience, is amazing. It's part of what makes BCO special," says Shelley.

Ed, Shelley, Kate and Louise - Your BCO Office Team!
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