Thursday 26 January 2023

BCO Coastal Gems: Alert Bay

The Village of Alert Bay is located on Cormorant Island in the only bay on the island that provides sheltered moorage on a year-round basis. The community averages about 450 year-round residents and the village provides a range of services, including a health centre, pharmacy, restaurants, gift shops and liquor store all located within walking distance of the ferry. Alert Bay Boat Harbour provides moorage, showers and laundry facilities. Just outside of the village is a non-commercial air strip, convenient for personal aircraft as well as for emergency services. Alert Bay is rich in cultural heritage and easily accessible by a scenic ferry ride from Port McNeill.

Activities such as whale watching, eco-tours, kayaking, hiking and biking are popular, and the area provides lots of great fishing opportunities.

Alert Bay is the gateway to Knight and Kingcome Inlets and is close to the Broughton Archipelago Marine Park, a wilderness area consisting of a maze of several small islands, inlets and adjacent foreshore at the southern end of Queen Charlotte Strait. The numerous remote, solitary islands in the marine park provide access to some of the world’s most phenomenal waterways and coastlines, with an array of indigenous marine and coastal wildlife, tremendous scenery, unlimited and unique fishing, yachting and wildlife viewing opportunities and almost endless exploring.

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