Thursday 15 September 2022

BCO Property Visits

 The end of summer has seen the team very busy out of the office, visiting a number of remote properties. Unlike going to a residential property that can be driven to, visiting these types of properties involves a great deal of planning and a very long day of travel (sometimes even two days).

Early morning boat trip out of Zeballos to Centre Island 
meant an overnight in Zeballos for Greg.

One of the first considerations is what is the best way to get there? Many times that is by boat, either by water taxi or with one of the team boats. The decision to take a team boat includes where the launch will be from and whether it makes sense to trailer a boat to that location or is it more expedient to arrange for a water taxi pickup? When boat is not practical or going to be very time-consuming, then we might look at a float plane. This can sometimes be an economical option and definitely can save on travel time.

Float plane drop off at Hot Springs Oceanside.

Recently Shelley and Greg visited our new listing at Hot Springs Oceanside to get photos and put a sign up. This was done with the services of a float plane company out of Tofino (Atleo Air). Even if a property is undeveloped it can still be quite a visit, as we try to get lots of good photos, to ascertain the lay of the land, follow any trails, etc and also find the right spot to get a sign or two up (depends on the size and dimensions of the property).

Walking the property at Hot Springs Oceanside.

Before heading to the property a lot of work needs to be done. While we can pinpoint a property on a map, being able to identify it either from the air or water is another matter! So lots of satellite images and google map closeups of the shoreline, etc are prepared to assist with finding the property. If it has improvements on it, or a dock, that makes it easier. Making sure there are signs, nails/screws and tools for putting up a sign, paperwork and data sheets so all the needed information is collected and the general gear required for a remote outing is all done the day before.

Satellite cadastre map for Hot Springs Oceanside listing.

These are full day excursions, starting with a drive to the launch point (or float plane dock). Then the ride to the property. Once on the property, there is a lot of work to be done. And while doing it, don't forget to be taking lots of photos! The team feels a lot of pressure on these trips to get as much done as possible, as a return trip isn't something that can be done quickly or off the cuff.

Nootka Sound fieldtrip.

We call these types of property visits BCO field trips, and while they are a lot of work they are also a major highlight of the work we do. Every trip is an adventure!

It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Live It!

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