Thursday 3 October 2019

Fall Means Mushrooms

When fall arrives on Vancouver Island, so do the mushroom pickers. Locals and traveling pickers venture into the local forests, looking mostly for the golden glow of chantrelles.

A late summer and fall such as this one, with some sun and some rain, encourages good mushroom growth. Our temperate rainforest ecosystem is a natural breeding ground for them as well.

Both Shelley and Ed have been out mushroom picking this season. Shelley says walking through the forest on a mushroom treasure hunt is more fun then you'd think it would be, and both Ed and Shelley admit that hunting the chantrelles is addictive.

Every year it seems at least a few mushroom pickers get lost while on the island - usually ones who are not as familiar with the area. It goes without saying that good maps, being well prepared and paying attention to the weather and your surroundings is important. And although pickers are secretive about their locations, do let someone know your approximate whereabouts and what time you intend to be back.

While Shelley was out hunting chantrelles she started noticing all the other fungus formations in the woods right now, so took us on a photo exploration.

We live in a region of amazing abundance.

It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Live It!

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