Thursday 12 September 2019

West Coast Tuna Fishing

Most people think of salmon, cod or halibut fishing when talking about Vancouver Island. But the people who are serious about fishing out here know that when the right conditions align it is time to fish for tuna!

Tuna like warm water, so those who are waiting for them watch the water temperatures in August and September, waiting for the warm water to get close enough to the western shoreline of Vancouver Island that big boats can get out to the fishing grounds. When that happens the boats take off well in the dark of morning to get out to the fishing areas - often over 20 miles from shore.

A day of tuna fishing can be exciting once you hit a school, with the action coming fast and furious. Tuna like to hit and run, so it can a process to get them to the boat.

Late summer tuna fishing definitely livens up the fishing season!

It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Live It!

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