Thursday 25 April 2019

Accessing Remote Recreational Properties

"So, how long does it take to drive there?" "Can I take the ferry there?"

BC Oceanfront transportation

If there is one thing we know at the BCO office, it's that remote properties mean different things to different people. Whenever someone tells Ed they are looking for remote property, the first thing he works to clarify is just how remote they mean.

Bute Inlet

Phillips Arm

BC Central Coast properties, such as Jervis Inlet, Bute Inlet or Phillips Arm, are logistically the most isolated. These are water access only properties, which can be reached by boat or float plane. While there may be some logging roads in the vicinity, there is not any possibility of road access from an urban area to anywhere near the property. If you own your own boat or float plane, then getting there is relatively straight-forward. Otherwise there are water taxis and float plane charter companies that can provide transportation - for a fee of course.

float plane charter

Many other properties, although in a more populated area, are still water access properties. The Discovery Islands or further north in the Broughton Archipelago on the east side of Vancouver Island and Quatsino or Kyuquot  on the west side of Vancouver Island are examples of these types of properties. In these cases you can often drive to the nearest community and then use a public boat launch to travel by boat. Again there are charter options for all these properties.


Another important factor to keep in mind is that travelling to these properties will be weather-dependent. While coast regulars do get used to travelling in poor weather conditions, there are still days that even charter planes and water taxis can't run. If you are using personal transportation, the weather factor will also depend on the size and type of boat you are using.

Remote properties are enticing and appealing to many people, for many different reasons. It's important that logistics come into play when actually moving forward on purchasing a remote property, and a major consideration is how you will access the property.
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