Thursday 24 May 2018

BCO Coastal Gems: Gold River

Tucked in to the mountains on the central west coast of Vancouver Island is the village of Gold River. In its heyday Gold River was a resource and mill town; it was the first town in Canada to have all wiring underground and was known for its excellent community facilities. In 1998/99 when the mill shut down the village reinvented itself into a gateway to the tourism and fishing sectors on the west coast.

Gold River is the jumping off point for fishing in Nootka Sound, as well as for kayakers and hikers heading over to the Nootka Island trail. 90km west of Campbell River on Hwy 28, it is the end of the paved road before heading out to Tahsis on logging roads. Outdoor enthusiasts come for the mountain climbing (the Golden Hinde is Vancouver Island's tallest mountain), the hiking (Elk Lake trail)and even cave exploring (Upana Caves). The road itself draws motorcycle enthusiasts to Gold River, as it is considered an excellent riding experience.

Gold River provides an easy access to the beautiful and wild west coast of Vancouver Island, as well as a nice place to stop for a while.

It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Live It!

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