Thursday 2 November 2017

BCO Fly Day - Office on the Wing

Before the weather changed this week Shelley had the opportunity to go flying for about three hours. The pilot was able to cover a lot of the waterways and islands in Discovery Passage and up to the northern end of Vancouver Island. The water was calm, the sun shining and the fall colours spectacular!


These flights are valuable both to provide aerial photos of properties and to give Shelley or Ed, whoever has gone out on the flight, a better perspective of the location, size and siting of the properties.
(398 Smelt Bay Rd, Cortes Island. Great perspective of the size and location of this property.)

Before heading out on a flight a lot of pre-flight work is done in the office so that the time in air is used well. We first create a list of properties we would like aerial photos of, and then we group them according to location. At that point a rough idea of a route can be created (in cooperation with the pilot). The properties are laid out on a large map.

Each property then needs to have mapping and reference photos if they help so that the properties can be identified from the air. As Shelley says, there are no nice lines on the actual ground and the plane moves pretty quickly!

Taking photos from a small float plane is a challenge, both in getting the photo and with being able to focus while flying in a small plane. You never know when the pilot will bank to get you the best shot.

(To get the photo of this Bones Bay lease tucked against a steep shoreline, the plane is banked almost sideways as Shelley clicks away!)

When the photos come back to the office it takes time to download, sort them into the correct property files, and then update as needed throughout our marketing materials.

Just another aspect of BCO business that sets us apart.

It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Live It!

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