Thursday 31 August 2017

Summer Sign Trips

Summer is very busy in the BCO office, although often that office space is outside.


The dry months are perfect for getting out and viewing properties, sometimes with clients and sometimes just Ed and/or Shelley. It's especially a good time for fresh photos and to put signs up.

Because Ed pilots the boat, Shelley is often the sign hanger. This requires scrambling onto rocks and finding the right tree for the sign, all while not dropping your tools and carrying a 4ft x 4ft sign on plywood!

The beauty of recreational and remote real estate is the opportunity to visit not only the specific properties but to be in the regions where those properties are, to experience firsthand the spectacular views and surroundings, and to spend time on the water. Having seen it and experienced it ourselves, it makes it that much sweeter to share with clients and prospective buyers.

It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Live It!

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