Thursday 29 June 2017

Transformations on the Shore 2017

Campbell River's annual chainsaw carving competition completed ahead of Canada Day this year. The competition is a great showcase of what makes Campbell River such an unusual place on the island - it is a coming together of artistic and resource communities that is rarely seen outside of the coast. The large cedar logs are provided by a timber company for the carvers; accommodations and meals are often donated by local businesses; and volunteers take care of the site through-out the event.

Every year there is something different to see, and this year was a very creative year indeed. Again there was a blend of local and out-of-town carvers as well as a good mix of male and female carvers. It is fun to go down during the event and watch the different carvers work. After the competition the majority (although some are moved right away) of the carvings remain on display along the shoreline for locals and visitors alike to enjoy.

Kate's favourites from 2017:

And the winner!

If you get the opportunity it's worth a visit.

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