Thursday 11 May 2017

Getting a Listing Up and Running

What Happens When BCO Lists My Property?

Once the listing documents are signed a number of things happen in the BCO office. Documents need to be handed in and processed through the real estate systems. This happens generally at Karen’s desk, where she makes sure all the paperwork is accounted for and accurately uploaded into the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board system (and/or another board depending on the location of the property). She also is the one who uploads the property and all its photos and text to the relevant websites (BC Oceanfront, the MLS system, and other regional sites as appropriate).

Once the listing is signed the file then goes on Kate’s desk, where Kate and Ed or Shelley work on putting together the write up for the property. Once that is completed a package is prepared, with mapping that Karen has pulled together during the listing research and any other information deemed pertinent (zoning for example).

Kate also begins preparing advertising text and placing the property into the advertising schedule. We advertise in a number of print publications, and make sure that a property is placed in the appropriate ones to reach the widest audience that may have an interest in that particular type of property.

Signage can be tricky for our out of town listings, but best efforts are made to arrange for signs to be placed at the property. Most of the time this is done by Ed or Shelley on one of their field trips, but sometimes it is done by a third party (in town signs are placed by a local contractor) or even by the property owner.

Once we know everything is up and running on the internet, we send our listing clients an email outlining where the property can be seen online, as well as provide a copy of the information package we have prepared.

All of this takes place within an intense system of checks and balances that have been developed over time, along with time parameters for when these procedures are done.  The BC Oceanfront Team takes pride in the work we do and the comprehensive service we provide.

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