Thursday 23 February 2017

BCO Style

As you may have noticed in some of our photos, we have put our BCO logo on Stanfields, or Stanis as they are known around here. Why have we chosen that to bear our logo? 

The Stanfield exemplifies the coastal lifestyle (on Vancouver Island they are sometimes referred to as the Island Tuxedo). Made of wool, they are perfect for the damp weather of the coast. People from all walks of life wear them when they are outdoors (and some even when they are indoors). If someone is wearing a Stani, you know they like to be outside.

Considering that many of the properties we sell are recreational, and that many of our clients are buying property that they will use specifically as a way to get closer to nature and the outdoors, it just makes sense that Stanis are the clothing item we chose to represent BCO.

Shelley and Ed are often seen in their Stanis, especially when they have to go out on the boat or travel to more remote areas. They wear theirs with pride, and we hope that the clients who receive a BCO Stani do as well.

It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Live It!

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