Thursday 8 December 2016

BCO Coastal Gems: Zeballos

Ed and Shelley had the opportunity to take a road trip in to Zeballos this week. With snow capped mountains surrounding the little village, the setting was stunning.

Zeballos is on the west coast of Vancouver Island, accessed by road from Hwy 19 just north of Woss. This is a Forest Service gravel road and can be in varying condition throughout the year.

The community of Zeballos first started with gold miners, and then became a logging hub. Now its biggest draw is tourism - as coastal explorers and fishermen come to visit the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island. There is both fresh water and salt water fishing, as the Zeballos River runs through town.

There are limited services in the community, including a medical clinic, general store, marina and boat fuel sales. In the summer there are a number of accommodation options.

Zeballos calls itself the Golden Gate to the West Coast. It offers access to Nootka Sound and the fishing on the west coast of the island, as well as the provincial parks of the northern Island (Woss, Brooks Peninsula, Cape Scott).

Definitely worth the drive in. Click here for more information: Zeballos.

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