Thursday 5 May 2016

BCO Coastal Gems: Lund

Located at the end of the Pacific Coastal Circle Route on the Sunshine Coast, Lund is a friendly community that attracts boaters, adventurers and week-end travelers alike and has a resident population of approx. 300. With a gorgeous shoreline, attractive businesses and some unique touches, Lund works hard to appeal to anyone who finds time to spend there.

Lund has a diverse range of accommodation options and some excellent dining options. A number of tour operators operate from the area, offering everything from kayaking to fishing to scuba diving. 

The town itself is pretty and full of interesting history - plenty to entice you to spend a day wandering around or to sit and enjoy the views.

Lund is also the home of Pollen Sweaters, a local company famous for its special wool sweaters.

Lund is well worth a visit, whether by car or by boat. 

It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Live It!

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