Thursday 3 December 2015

Embracing the Wet West Coast Weather

It's true, on Vancouver Island we experience some of the mildest weather in Canada. This makes for lovely, comfortably warm summers and allows us the benefit of four distinct seasons. It also means that come fall and winter we experience a fair amount of rain.
Rushing river from fall rains are worth the hike.

As true west coasters and islanders, we know that you can't hide from the rain. Weeks like this one, where the wind and rain has been quite relentless, remind us that our forests are lush for a reason. So, we don't let it stop us from living an active life.
Wet leaves and bright green ferns - sure signs of an island winter.

Storm watching is a popular past time when the weather gets like this. For some the wild west coast of the island is where they want to be, and places like Tofino now offer great storm watching packages for those who want to spend time on the rugged coast. But even on the east coast of the island the storms are spectacular.
After the storm - logs washed up on Campbell River's shore.

Good, waterproof gear helps in this weather, as does good footwear. Don't bother with umbrellas - the wind generally defeats them.

This year is supposed to be an El Nino year, which means generally wetter and milder weather for the coast, although there is little consensus among forecasters as to what it will look like this year. Last year was unseasonably dry in the winter, so a wet winter will not be a bad thing for our forests, rivers, lakes and mountains.
Just be sure to gear up - and remember, a little water never hurt anyone.

It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Live It!

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