Thursday 10 September 2015

BCO Coastal Gems: The Discovery Islands

The Discovery Islands are a group of islands in the narrow Inside Passage between eastern Vancouver Island and the remote BC central mainland coastline. First the home of many First Nations groups, in the past hundred or so years many other groups of people have explored the islands, some staying to put their own marks on the place.

The Discovery Islands are made up of a number of islands. The two most well known of these are Quadra and Cortes. These also have ferry service originating in Campbell River on Vancouver Island. Due to the easier access, these are the most populated of the islands as well. Some of the other islands, such as Sonora and Stuart, have become popular resort and vacation destinations, with many private retreats. 

The islands are inhabited by an eclectic mix of environmentalists, homesteaders, resource workers and independent thinkers. In addition, the summer population more than doubles with adventure seekers, nature lovers and boaters all converging on the islands during the warmer months.

The diverse population is attracted to the islands specifically because of the diverse nature of the place. From the amenities and services found on Quadra and Cortes to the remote shores of East Thurlow, the islands offer an escape from the urban environment. 

With short distances between the islands and the communities of both Campbell River and Powell River near by the Discovery Islands provide an easily accessible get away. The many smaller islands which dot the waterways add to a sense of adventure and escape. So many places to explore!

Add in amazing fishing, diverse wildlife and resident whale populations, and it becomes evident that the islands really do offer something for everyone.

The region is popular as a repeat destination and for recreational properties because it has so much to offer, keeping people coming back time and again.

It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Live It!

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